Welcome Cisco UCS – Teil 1

Nicht ohne Grund habe ich mich entschlossen mein HP BladeSystem aufzugeben. Begrüßt ein neues Mitglied in meinem Home-Lab, ein Cisco UCS B-Series Blade System! Der Abschied von HP fiel mir relativ leicht, nachdem ich das Cisco 5108 Chassis in der Bucht entdeckt hatte. Schon lange war ich mit dem bereits abgekündigten HP Virtual Connect 1/10Gb […]

Sold my HP C7000 BladeSystem !

Good bye my amazing HP C7000 BladeSystem. I enjoyed you so many years, I installed many different servers into you and I run you thousands of hours. Thank you !!! I hope you like your new home. After five years of HP experience in my Home-Lab, the HP era ends today.  Maybe it’s a good time to change my […]

I’m back again !

More than one year passed since my last blog post. I’m really sorry about that, but my life has changed a little bit. My 3 years old daughter is a very time consuming little girl and she needs my attention. Playing with my home lab all the time is not possible. On the other hand […]

Need help! Simple Multi-Site Datacenter Design

Today I need help. 🙂 Currently I’m planing a Multi-Site Datacenter at home. 😉 I want to test some new technologies like Cisco VXLAN, Site-to-Site replication, VMotion over WAN, and and and. But I’m not a professionell networking guy and that’s why I’m not sure if my following network design is comparable with a real-world […]

New job, dead lab and a temporary solution. ;)

Hi ! Let’s start blogging again. 🙂 A lots of time passed since I blogged interesting things. The main reason was, I decided to change my employer. The last weeks we moved our home, too. Now my little family is living in a suite little house, with a big garden, a big garage but no […]

HP BladeSystem C3000

Say Hello to Shorty ! 🙂 Shorty is running an Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud Computing environment. It is connected to a MSA2012fc storage system and a ProCurve 5406zl modular network switch. The 10 GbE uplink to the 10 GbE 4-port module is prepared, but the CX4 X2 module is missing to complete the connection. I will […]

One step towards Converged Infrastructure

I know my blog is very silent since several weeks. But I have lot’s of work and of course a daughter.;) As you can imagine I have some new ideas for my home lab. 😉 And one is very exciting ! I started to rethink and rebuild my HP blade environment. Yesterday a new toy […]

Preparing the rebuild of my home lab!

Lot’s of time passed since my last posting. But now I will continue blogging about my home lab. Some months ago I moved my neccessary systems to a HP MicroServer, because the running costs of a real server are enormous! After I finished setup my new home network, I decided to change the entire networking […]

Virtualisierung Pur ! HP ProLiant BL495c G5

Tja, was soll ich sagen? Die Gelegenheit hat gepasst und nun hab ich mein c-Class BladeSystem um einen entsprechenden Virtualisierungs-Blade Server erweitert. Jetzt kann ich die Blade Server die ich mir aus der Arbeit geliehen habe wieder zurückschaffen. Mein c-Class BladeSystem beherbergt ab sofort nur noch Server aus eigenem Besitz! Zum HP ProLiant BL495c G5 […]

Neuer Core (Networking)

Es hat viel Geduld gebraucht, aber das Glück hat mich dann doch gesegnet und ich konnte einen weiteren Nortel Enterprise Routing Switch (ERS) 1624G ersteigern. 🙂 Dieser bildet nun mit meinem vorhandenen Nortel ERS 1624G meinen neuen Core im Keller. Noch fehlen mir zwei Nortel ERS 5510 Switche um auch mein Netzwerk vernünftig auszugestalten. Aber […]