One step towards Converged Infrastructure

I know my blog is very silent since several weeks. But I have lot’s of work and of course a daughter.;)

As you can imagine I have some new ideas for my home lab. 😉 And one is very exciting ! I started to rethink and rebuild my HP blade environment. Yesterday a new toy arrived. Have a look at the backside of my HP c-Class BladeSystem. You can see a very important interconnect module for a Converged Infrastructure. 😉


As posted below I planned to build a network upon HP ProCurve. But I noticed that I need a premium license for features like VRRP and OSPF. But these two features are neccessary for my new Home-Lab network infrastructure. I like to create a enterprise network for my systems and not a simple 192.168.x.x home network. That’s why I switched to big Cisco 6506 modular switches. Cisco isn’t cheap, but it offers all features I need. Buying 3 HP ProCurve licenses is impossible, I don’t earn so much money. Let’s say hello to my first Cisco 6506 switch. The second 6506 is below and I will receive a Sup2 engine with MSFC2 the next weeks. 😉


I hope you followers haven’t forget my blog. Please stay tuned! The next months will be very exciting. I’m saving money for a HP MDS 600. 😉

Kind regards

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