Sold my HP C7000 BladeSystem !

Good bye my amazing HP C7000 BladeSystem. I enjoyed you so many years, I installed many different servers into you and I run you thousands of hours. Thank you !!! I hope you like your new home. After five years of HP experience in my Home-Lab, the HP era ends today.  Maybe it’s a good time to change my […]

HP BladeSystem C3000

Say Hello to Shorty ! 🙂 Shorty is running an Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud Computing environment. It is connected to a MSA2012fc storage system and a ProCurve 5406zl modular network switch. The 10 GbE uplink to the 10 GbE 4-port module is prepared, but the CX4 X2 module is missing to complete the connection. I will […]

One step towards Converged Infrastructure

I know my blog is very silent since several weeks. But I have lot’s of work and of course a daughter.;) As you can imagine I have some new ideas for my home lab. 😉 And one is very exciting ! I started to rethink and rebuild my HP blade environment. Yesterday a new toy […]

Preparing the rebuild of my home lab!

Lot’s of time passed since my last posting. But now I will continue blogging about my home lab. Some months ago I moved my neccessary systems to a HP MicroServer, because the running costs of a real server are enormous! After I finished setup my new home network, I decided to change the entire networking […]

Say „Hallo“ to my HP MicroServer

As mentioned in my previous blog, I started to rebuild my necessary home systems. Last year I was running some servers in my home lab, but my power bill was a shock! I decided to replace everything with a HP MicroServer. Since two months my HP MicroServer is doing a very good job. 🙂 It’s […]

Installing Ignite-UX and configuring external DHCP server

The next reminder… 😉 Fast introduction into installing an Ignite-UX install server for HP-UX. Remember ILO2 Virtual Media is terrible slow! Put all HP-UX ISO on a NFS server, extract the contents into folders and export the file system. Mount the NFS share on your HP-UX server, for example: # mount -F nfs ius025:/export/iso-images/hpux /mnt […]

Introduction to HP-UX and Integrity VM

I’m sure many people thinking about HP-UX as an old and complicated UNIX operating system. But is that right? No! Below I will show you how easy you can drive HP-UX… 😉 I’m running the latest release of HP-UX 11.31 on a HP Integrity BL860c blade server. Between the well know 11.11 release of HP-UX […]

Setup a HP ProLiant Linux server

Again a little reminder for me. 😉 Install CentOS/RHEL 5.x Update the system with yum update Reboot # yum install expect # yum install libnl # yum install net-snmp Download HP System Health Application and Command Line Utilities for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (AMD64/EM64T). You get a file like hp-health- Install this package: # […]

EVA 5000 replacement

Time to say good bye… My HP StorageWorks EVA 5000 was a big challenge. A few years ago I started this project with one HSV110 controller. Step by step I created my own EVA 5000 with parts that I bought everywhere in the world. 😉 Since two years this system is running in my home […]