Installing Ignite-UX and configuring external DHCP server

The next reminder… 😉 Fast introduction into installing an Ignite-UX install server for HP-UX. Remember ILO2 Virtual Media is terrible slow! Put all HP-UX ISO on a NFS server, extract the contents into folders and export the file system. Mount the NFS share on your HP-UX server, for example: # mount -F nfs ius025:/export/iso-images/hpux /mnt […]

Introduction to HP-UX and Integrity VM

I’m sure many people thinking about HP-UX as an old and complicated UNIX operating system. But is that right? No! Below I will show you how easy you can drive HP-UX… 😉 I’m running the latest release of HP-UX 11.31 on a HP Integrity BL860c blade server. Between the well know 11.11 release of HP-UX […]