Sold my HP C7000 BladeSystem !

Good bye my amazing HP C7000 BladeSystem. I enjoyed you so many years, I installed many different servers into you and I run you thousands of hours. Thank you !!! I hope you like your new home.

After five years of HP experience in my Home-Lab, the HP era ends today.  Maybe it’s a good time to change my entire blog, too. My last post is one year old and lot’s of visitors forgot my site. No wonder !

One thing I like to change is the language, again. My english is not very good and I have so many problems to explain and write down all my ideas. I’m sure that there are many other crazy people out there, who can help and inspire you with blogs in your preferred language. My wish is to change back to German. Please accept this decision.

If you see interesting images or snippets, but you don’t understand German. Feel free and write an email ->

If you think my Home-Lab is dead, you’re wrong ! 🙂 I love blades and on January 2015 I will present you my newest toy. 😉 Meanwhile have a good year, I’m sure you have enough work and visit my blog again. 🙂

Thanks and kind regards