HP BladeSystem C3000

Say Hello to Shorty ! 🙂 Shorty is running an Ubuntu OpenStack Cloud Computing environment. It is connected to a MSA2012fc storage system and a ProCurve 5406zl modular network switch. The 10 GbE uplink to the 10 GbE 4-port module is prepared, but the CX4 X2 module is missing to complete the connection. I will […]

Setup a HP ProLiant Linux server

Again a little reminder for me. 😉 Install CentOS/RHEL 5.x Update the system with yum update Reboot # yum install expect # yum install libnl # yum install net-snmp Download HP System Health Application and Command Line Utilities for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (AMD64/EM64T). You get a file like hp-health- Install this package: # […]