That’s cool! Get AppGate for free

Yeahh… I’m using AppGate since several times for accessing a customers management network. I like this way of accessing management systems and I wanted to introduce AppGate at work. But the license was too expensive for our small network. Today we talked again about a dedicated management network at work. Just for fun I browsed […]

My first experience with IBM Power blades and AIX

It’s done. I have a running IBM BladeCenter-based Power server environment with a current release of AIX and VIOS. At the beginning I had some problems, but the IBM world was entirely new for me. 😉 But after I get my NIMOL (NIM on Linux) server with VIOS 2.2 image up and running, it was […]

Say „Hallo“ to my HP MicroServer

As mentioned in my previous blog, I started to rebuild my necessary home systems. Last year I was running some servers in my home lab, but my power bill was a shock! I decided to replace everything with a HP MicroServer. Since two months my HP MicroServer is doing a very good job. 🙂 It’s […]

IBM BladeCenter E

Yesterday I received a new toy for my home lab: An IBM BladeCenter E Two weeks ago I auctioned two IBM JS21 power blades for very little money, because a rack based IBM Power4 oder Power5 server is incredible expensive. Even an outdatet pSeries 615/630 with slow 1 GHz Power4 processor is not affordable. I […]

Sun Fire V490

Time for my first blog in 2011 ! And it’s about Sun… hoouuw hooouw… 😀 Last year a good friend gave me a Sun Fire V490. The system was new and never used but had no system board. After several months searching for an affordable system board with no success I forgot the system and […]

More Copyrights by Oracle. ;)

Sun Fire T1000 ALOM Copyright (c) 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle Advanced Lights Out Manager CMT v1.7.10 Please login: admin Please Enter password: Sun Fire T1000 PROM Sun Fire(TM) T1000, No Keyboard Copyright (c) 1998, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. OpenBoot 4.30.4.b, 16256 MB memory available, Serial #82952046. […]

Copyright Oracle !

After the firmware upgrade of my Sun Fire V480 servers I see this banner!!! Unbelievable… 😕 Sun Fire 480R, No Keyboard Copyright (c) 1998, 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. OpenBoot 4.30.4.c, 8192 MB memory installed, Serial #53267212. Ethernet address 0:3:ba:2c:cb:c, Host ID: 832ccb0c Everything is Oracle now… even my old Sun Fires… […]

Installing Ignite-UX and configuring external DHCP server

The next reminder… 😉 Fast introduction into installing an Ignite-UX install server for HP-UX. Remember ILO2 Virtual Media is terrible slow! Put all HP-UX ISO on a NFS server, extract the contents into folders and export the file system. Mount the NFS share on your HP-UX server, for example: # mount -F nfs ius025:/export/iso-images/hpux /mnt […]

Installing the HPVM-Guest Bundle

Again a reminder for me. Copy from HP-UX VM Host following file to the guest machine and install the HPVM-Guest bundle. vmhost# scp /opt/hpvm/guest-images/hpux/11iv3/ root@vmguest:/tmp vmguest# swinstall -s /tmp/ Mark HPVM-Guest Go to Actions -> Install… Reboot !