Introduction to HP-UX and Integrity VM

I’m sure many people thinking about HP-UX as an old and complicated UNIX operating system. But is that right? No! Below I will show you how easy you can drive HP-UX… 😉 I’m running the latest release of HP-UX 11.31 on a HP Integrity BL860c blade server. Between the well know 11.11 release of HP-UX […]

Setup a HP ProLiant Linux server

Again a little reminder for me. 😉 Install CentOS/RHEL 5.x Update the system with yum update Reboot # yum install expect # yum install libnl # yum install net-snmp Download HP System Health Application and Command Line Utilities for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (AMD64/EM64T). You get a file like hp-health- Install this package: # […]


Do you know all that science fiction movies about cyber war and control over people with computer systems and networks. What about the movie “Enemy of the State” with Will Smith, a complete life was killed by one mouse click. Or the movie “The Net” with Sandra Bullock, a similar situation. It’s scary how real […]

EVA 5000 replacement

Time to say good bye… My HP StorageWorks EVA 5000 was a big challenge. A few years ago I started this project with one HSV110 controller. Step by step I created my own EVA 5000 with parts that I bought everywhere in the world. 😉 Since two years this system is running in my home […]

Oracle Enterprise Linux for SPARC – Is Solaris dead?

Yesterday I received the news that Oracle plans to port their own Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux, to SPARC. A pretty cool idea. 🙂 But after talking with a very good friend I’m not sure if this news is a good news. Why pay lot’s of money for porting a operating system to a new platform? […]

RHEL alternatives for a new java environment

To add a new alternative for java execute following commands. Current system is CentOS 4.8 x86 Linux. # alternatives –install /usr/bin/java java /opt/IBMJava2-142/jre/bin/java 100 –slave /usr/lib/jvm/jre jre /opt/IBMJava2-142/jre –slave /usr/lib/jvm/jre-1.4.2 jre-1.4.2 /opt/IBMJava2-142/jre –slave /usr/bin/rmiregistry rmiregistry /opt/IBMJava2-142/jre/bin/rmiregistry # alternatives –config java There are 2 programs which provide ‚java‘. Selection    Command ———————————————– *+ 1           /usr/lib/jvm/jre-1.4.2-gcj/bin/java    2           […]

I’m a Daddy – Welcome Lina ! :)

On Monday 29.11.2010 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning my sweet little daughter was born. 🙂 I saw her and felt in love immediately. 🙂 She’s sooo nice and so sweet, my little Lina. 🙂 She weights 3kg and is 50cm large… It’s unbelievable, I’m a very proud daddy. 🙂

HP Virtual Connect Manager 3.10

Sunday morning I read an interesting article about a VMware installation based on HP BladeSystem with Virtual Connect Flex-10 modules. The article contained lots of screenshots and I saw serveral changes within Virtual Connect Manager. So I decided to upgrade the firmware of my entire HP BladeSystem including the blade servers and interconnect modules. The update […]