IBM BladeCenter E

Yesterday I received a new toy for my home lab: An IBM BladeCenter E Two weeks ago I auctioned two IBM JS21 power blades for very little money, because a rack based IBM Power4 oder Power5 server is incredible expensive. Even an outdatet pSeries 615/630 with slow 1 GHz Power4 processor is not affordable. I […]

Sun Fire V490

Time for my first blog in 2011 ! And it’s about Sun… hoouuw hooouw… 😀 Last year a good friend gave me a Sun Fire V490. The system was new and never used but had no system board. After several months searching for an affordable system board with no success I forgot the system and […]

Installing the HPVM-Guest Bundle

Again a reminder for me. Copy from HP-UX VM Host following file to the guest machine and install the HPVM-Guest bundle. vmhost# scp /opt/hpvm/guest-images/hpux/11iv3/ root@vmguest:/tmp vmguest# swinstall -s /tmp/ Mark HPVM-Guest Go to Actions -> Install… Reboot !


Do you know all that science fiction movies about cyber war and control over people with computer systems and networks. What about the movie “Enemy of the State” with Will Smith, a complete life was killed by one mouse click. Or the movie “The Net” with Sandra Bullock, a similar situation. It’s scary how real […]

I’m a Daddy – Welcome Lina ! :)

On Monday 29.11.2010 at 8:30 o’clock in the morning my sweet little daughter was born. 🙂 I saw her and felt in love immediately. 🙂 She’s sooo nice and so sweet, my little Lina. 🙂 She weights 3kg and is 50cm large… It’s unbelievable, I’m a very proud daddy. 🙂

HP Virtual Connect Manager 3.10

Sunday morning I read an interesting article about a VMware installation based on HP BladeSystem with Virtual Connect Flex-10 modules. The article contained lots of screenshots and I saw serveral changes within Virtual Connect Manager. So I decided to upgrade the firmware of my entire HP BladeSystem including the blade servers and interconnect modules. The update […]

8 Cores, 32 GiB RAM but no storage requirements. ;)

Today I have made a very interesting experience. I arrived the office in the morning and our sales man wrote me a mail to change a HP BladeSystem offer for a customer. The customer bought a new ERP software and the requirements for the virtualized environment changed. The new systems needs two quad core processors […]

My first english post…

… well, it’s time to change into English. I have several international readers and a good friend of mine changed his blog into English, too. Lets do the same. Currently I’m working on a VMware vCloud Director environment at home. It’s a very interesting product. Lets evaluate it. 😉 I upgraded my current vCenter and […]

Awesome: HP ProLiant BL490c G6

Heute traf auf Arbeit ein neuer Blade Server ein, den ich mir natürlich sofort gekrallt habe. 😉 Immerhin hab ich das Teil ausgesucht und verbrochen. 🙂 Es handelt sich um einen reinen Virtualisierungs-Blade Server mit zwei Intel Xeon Quad Cores, 30 GB RAM und einer 32 GB SSD. Geiles Teil ! Ich hab dieses System […]

It’s hot !

Ich dachte eigentlich die zweite V480 sei kaputt, aber irgendwie hatte mir das keine Ruhe gelassen. Also hab ich das Ding zerlegt, gereignet und sukzessive zusammengesetzt. Während ich die V480 wieder zusammen gebaut habe, überlegte ich mir die Kiste zur Probe nur mit einem Netzteil zu starten, d.h. ein Netzteil komplett heraus zu nehmen. Gesagt […]