Some news…

It’s end of February and I didn’t blogged since two months. 🙁 But  the last months I had lot’s of work and prepared very important changes. I quit my current job and on 1. April 2012 I will start working in a new company. I will blog about my new employer soon. It’s an amazing company and I can’t wait starting my new job. 🙂 Last weekend I signed my new tenancy agreement and my new home is amazing, too. But there’s no more room for my home lab. That’s why I have to stop for several months playing arround with my toys. Don’t worry, I have a great idea for my new „Home Datacenter“, but I need time and of course money. 😉 Stay tuned and thank you for visiting my Blog. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Some news…

  1. Hey Tschokko!

    Well those news are good and also bad – I wish you all the best for your future direction and – of course – for your family.
    I’m looking forward to read more interesting articles in your blog some day!

    Best regards,

  2. No… the news aren’t that bad. 😉 The new „Home Datacenter“ idea is awesome. 😉 But I cannot realize it within the next months, because I need my money for the move to the new home, and and and… I hope I can lay the foundation corner this summer. 🙂

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