Merry Xmas 2011

I wish all my readers and followers on Twitter a

Merry Xmas!

Thank you for reading and commenting all my blogs and tweets. 🙂 Now it’s time to shutdown my home lab and spent attention to my family. 🙂 My daughter Lina is one year old and 30 mins ago I give her a very big Teddy-Bear. 🙂 That was really fun and she loves her new toy.

In 2012 I will finish my M$ Hyper-V project and I plan to publish a real world Hyper-V cluster configuration. I will start with the current Hyper-V version and I plan to do the same with Hyper-V 3.0 ! 😉 A Windows SMB 2.2 file server over Infinband is on my roadmap, too. And with a little bit of luck I can get an HP EVA 4400 for my home lab. 😉

Stay tuned and I wish everybody  happy holidays! 🙂

Kind regards.

Merry Xmas 2011
Merry Xmas 2011

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  1. Nice post. Quick question about you C3000. What are your typical fan speeds when you run your two blades? My C3000 in my home lab has 2 blades, 4 fans and the fan speeds run at about 69% causing the enclosure to be really loud. Do you experience that?

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