[Offtopic] My new car: Audi S4

8 years ago I drove a very powerful car. It was an Opel Calibra 4×4 Turbo with a modified engine and I think about 260 horse power. This car was exciting and fun! But I have to give it away, because my budget at this time was too less to maintenance this car. But I never stopped to dream about a new exciting and fast car. Yesterday my 8 year old dream became true: Audi Quattro 😀

Well it’s not the true, well-known and popular Audi Quattro, but it has four wheel drive, lot’s of power and it’s of course an Audi, too. 🙂 Say Hello to my new baby! It’s an Audi S4 from 2003. It has a 4.2 liters V8 engine with 344 horse power. This car is so much fun and it revs up to 7000 rpm. That’s absolutely amazing and this car is an addiction! I love it. 🙂 But it’s a very comfortable and usable car, too. It has space enough for our baby and all the stuff we need for a journey. A perfect combination: Fun and usability. 🙂 And now enjoy the pictures of my „Black Beast“. 😀